Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Character of Athena in Homers Odyssey :: Homer Odyssey womody

Character of Athena in Homer's Odyssey The "gray eyed" Athena is one of the most special characters in The Odyssey. First off, how many gray eyed people do you know? That makes her pretty special right there, adding to the fact that she is an Olympian goddess. As all goddesses are pictured, she has a thin figure (not skinny), great brown curling hair which flows from the head gently down to her slender waist, perfect toned peach (in Greek and Roman myths) skin, and, of course, the big blue shiny eyes which can mesmorize any mortal at first sight. That's one special person. And she doesn't fail to keep those aspects while helping out ol' Odysseus. In addition to her outstanding looks, she has a kind heart. Unlike her brother, Poseidon, she wants Odysseus to get back home to Ithaka. She also wants Telemahkos to meet his father for the first time in decades. She does this very cleverly. To help Telemakhos grow out of his cowardly childhood, she comes to him as a good friend, encouraging the young boy to do what he must and seek out news about his father. But when she leaves, she gives a little hint to him that she's actually a goddess by turning into a bird. I think this was a weakness of Athena. The fact that she constantly showed off to many people that she was indeed a goddess shows that she wants to be praised by all and showing a slight immature and soft side on her part. This can also be interpreted as a good action in some cases. When Telemakhos knows Athena, a goddess, is on his side, this gives him extra confidence. She also shows a caring side when she turns into many different figures to guide Odysseus through his journey. This shows determination on her part, saying that she really wants Odysseus, a brave soldier who fought for good in the Trojan War, to get home to his loving family. The way she changes form to try and trick Odysseus from thinking that he was indeed back home was a test. But he obviously saw through the charade and went to claim his rights back in his palace. This isn't the only way she helps Odysseus and Telemakhos.

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